Implementation of ECOSSolver.


class picos.solvers.solver_ecos.ECOSSolver(problem)[source]

Bases: picos.solvers.solver.Solver

Interface to the ECOS solver via its official Python interface.


Initialize an ECOS solver interface.


problem (Problem) – The problem to be solved.

classmethod default_penalty()[source]

Implement default_penalty.

classmethod is_free()[source]

Implement is_free.

classmethod names()[source]

Implement names.


Implement reset_problem.


Stack vectors or matrices, the latter vertically.

classmethod supports(footprint, explain=False)[source]

Implement supports.

classmethod test_availability()[source]

Implement test_availability.


Create a zero array or a zero matrix, depending on shape.

SUPPORTED = <Specification: Optimize AffineExpression subject to DummyConstraint, AffineConstraint, SOCConstraint, RSOCConstraint, ExpConeConstraint using any variables and any options.>
property array

ECOS’ array type.

property ecos

Return the ECOS core module ecos.py.

The module is obtained by import ecos up to ECOS 2.0.6 and by import ecos.ecos starting with ECOS 2.0.7.

property matrix

ECOS’ matrix type.