Implementation of ECOSSolver.


class picos.solvers.solver_ecos.ECOSSolver(problem)[source]

Bases: Solver

Interface to the ECOS solver via its official Python interface.


Initialize an ECOS solver interface.


problem (Problem) – The problem to be solved.

classmethod default_penalty()[source]

Implement default_penalty.

classmethod is_free()[source]

Implement is_free.

classmethod names()[source]

Implement names.


Implement reset_problem.

static stack(*args)[source]

Stack vectors or matrices, the latter vertically.

classmethod supports(footprint, explain=False)[source]

Implement supports.

classmethod test_availability()[source]

Implement test_availability.

SUPPORTED = <Specification: Optimize AffineExpression subject to DummyConstraint, AffineConstraint, SOCConstraint, RSOCConstraint, ExpConeConstraint using any variables and any options.>
property ecos

Return the ECOS core module ecos.py.

The module is obtained by import ecos up to ECOS 2.0.6 and by import ecos.ecos starting with ECOS 2.0.7.