Implements a helper reformulation to apply temporary options.


class picos.reforms.reform_options.ExtraOptions(theObject)[source]

Bases: picos.reforms.reformulation.Reformulation

Helper reformulation to apply temporary options.

This reformulation is different from all others in a number of ways:

  • It doesn’t change the footprint of any problem.

  • It is automatically the first reformulation in any strategy.

  • It is the only reformulation whose execute accepts a keyword argument sequence of additional options to use.

  • It is the only reformulation that can be skipped entirely (by setting self.output = self.input).

The job of this reformulation is to apply temporary options passed to solve so that subsequent reformulations can find their options stored in their input problem.


Dummy-implement backward.


Override execute.

Adds the extra_options argument and attempts to perform as little reformulation work as possible.


Dummy-implement forward.

classmethod predict(footprint)[source]

Implement predict.

classmethod supports(footprint)[source]

Implement supports.


Dummy-implement update.