Backend for mathematical set type implementations.


class picos.expressions.set.Set(typeStr, symbStr)[source]

Bases: ABC

Abstract base class for mathematical set expressions.

__init__(typeStr, symbStr)[source]

Perform basic initialization for Set instances.

  • typeStr (str) – Short string denoting the set type.

  • symbStr (str) – Algebraic string description of the set.

classmethod make_type(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Analog to expression.Expression.make_type.


See replace_mutables.

property mutables

Return a Python set of mutables that are involved in the set.

property parameters[source]

The set of parameters that are involved in the set.

property refined

The set itself, as sets do not support refinement.

This exists for compatibility with expressions.

property string

Symbolic string representation of the set.

property subtype

Analog to expression.Expression.subtype.

property type

Analog to expression.Expression.type.

property variables[source]

The set of decision variables that are involved in the set.

class picos.expressions.set.SetType(theClass, subtype)[source]

Bases: ExpressionType

ExpressionType for sets.