Implementation of PowerTraceConstraint.


class picos.constraints.con_powtrace.PowerTraceConstraint(power, relation, rhs)[source]

Bases: Constraint

Bound on the trace over the p-th power of a matrix.

For scalar expressions, this is simply a bound on their p-th power.

class Conversion[source]

Bases: ConstraintConversion

Bound on the p-th power of a trace constraint conversion.

The conversion is based on this paper.

classmethod convert(con, options)[source]

Implement convert.

classmethod predict(subtype, options)[source]

Implement predict.

__init__(power, relation, rhs)[source]

Construct a PowerTraceConstraint.

  • ower (PowerTrace) – Left hand side expression.

  • relation (str) – Constraint relation symbol.

  • rhs (AffineExpression) – Right hand side expression.


Whether the bound concerns a trace as opposed to a scalar.

property lhs