Implementation of LogSumExpConstraint.


class picos.constraints.con_logsumexp.LogSumExpConstraint(lse, upperBound)[source]

Bases: Constraint

Upper bound on a logarithm of a sum of exponentials.

class ExpConeConversion[source]

Bases: ConstraintConversion

Bound on a log-sum-exp to exponential cone constraint conversion.

classmethod convert(con, options)[source]

Implement convert.

classmethod dual(auxVarPrimals, auxConDuals, options)[source]

Implement dual.

classmethod predict(subtype, options)[source]

Implement predict.

__init__(lse, upperBound)[source]

Construct a LogSumExpConstraint.

property exponents

The affine exponents of the bounded log-sum-exp expression.

property le0[source]

The LogSumExp posed to be at most zero.